Harry Potter is a series of seven urban fantasy novels written by Britsh author J.K.Rowling.The series chronieles the life of a young wizard,Harry potter,the titular charaiter,and his friends Ron Welsley and Hermione Grnger,all of whom are students at Hogwarts school of witehcraft and wizardy.The main story arc concernes Harry's struggle to kill the Dark wizard Lord Voldemort,who aims to become immortal,overthorw the government of wizarding Britain,subjugate non-magical people,and destory all those who stand in his way.Since the release of the first novel,Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone,on 30 June 1997,the books have gained immense populariti,critical acclaim and commercial success worldwide. they attracted a wide adult audience,and have remained one of the preeminet cornerstones of young adult literatur.